Smart Sourcing

Business value is unlocked through the innovative application of advanced technology. We founded COMSOFT based on a strong commitment to our clients: “We will do whatever it takes to deliver the accurate business results, on time and on budget”. The foundation of our success rests in understanding our customers’ complex business issues – their industry, their market, their competitors, their business challenges. Understanding the requirement of a customer facing the unique business issues is the most important step towards higher-end IT services. Our offshore development process is largely a cost play, enabling our clients taking advantage to lower the cost of developing, supporting and maintaining the systems. Working on higher-end technology requires a unique problem solving approach. COMSOFT approach is to work hand-in-hand with clients to frame the business problem, understand the deliverables, design and architect and finally implement the solution. This work requires the right mix of people, process and technology. This mix has a major component in India.

The typical delivery model is simply based on labor arbitrage. Our organization is focused on, but not confined to, this unique delivery model. We believe this is the best option to switch over to advance business applications & system application support from a legacy system by designing, developing or supporting complex business applications – the innovative business solutions that drive significant competitive advantage for clients and porting solutions to complex business problems.

How our customers are benefited:
COMSOFT Approach has been designed to overcome the causes due to which IT initiatives fail to deliver results. Generally, complex projects continue to fail at an alarming rate. The reasons like lack of clear business objectives, lack of executive support, lack of user involvement, lack of experienced project management and poor scope management are well known by every one, yet amazingly most methods do not address the root cause of IT project failure. We designed COMSOFT Approach to overcome these root causes of failure by employing tools and techniques that build consensus, speed, and momentum and guide programs – from planning to management – toward success.

We evaluate different technology platforms, plan and implement architectures, rationalize systems and processes, unveil opportunities for reusability and scale competitive requirement for IT initiatives. We also assist our clients to evaluate their offshore options and develop sourcing strategies that will minimize the risk and maximize the return on their technology investments. We work together with our clients to see what offshore model will work best for an existing business issue. We call it “Smart Sourcing”.